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@sirabster_55 – BEREKA


After the release of his critically acclaimed hit song #bootylikeyhoo (links below) which tackled the issues of body shaming,physical insecurities and celebrated the imperfections of an African woman whilst making a club banger.

7000 views and 8000 Soundcloud plays later @Sirabster_55 has come back with another  Single Titled Bereka.Bereka meaning work in North Sesotho aka Sepedi is a song that is meant to inspire the youth to work hard for their dreams no matter the obstacles put in front of them.

it has a very aggressive bass orientated beat that is produced by Zoocci coke dope who has worked with the likes of Bigstar Johnson, Reason, Black Lez A-Reece and Many more to mention a few.

The Bootylikeyhoo hit maker stays true to his straatmate sound and delivers a clever, groovy flow to address the issues holding back the growth of his and many more up coming artist in the industry. With such a big message at hand Bereka doesn’t stop the listener from enjoying the song, its a perfect fitting for your car,home,headphones,festivals parties, clubs Etc.

The song dropped on the 24th of April 2017 with a outta this world flow,Big messageand Very dope beat Bereka is one song that is ready to shake up the industry.