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@SmokeXCVI – Nayisuka (feat. @GKBI_Africa & @MaythMontana)


Nayisuka is a collaborative effort of Durban based rap artists and producer; @SmokeXCVI, @GKBI_Africa, @MaythMontana @SKbeats. The song is diverse as it comprises of three languages (English, Zulu and Spanish) and it has three vastly different artists from different backgrounds that share their perspectives on what a kasi/hood vibe is like. The title says it all as it means “Its going down”.

To emphasize on the diversity of the song; @SmokeXCVI is a conscious rapper, @GKBI_Africa is the type of artist that would jump on any type of song and @MaythMontana is a Spanish trapper all the way from Colombia. SKbeats is on the production and he laid the foundation of this mad heat.

Nayisuka by SmokeXCVI (feat. GKBI & Mayth Montana) is now availible to you on the following platforms.



God bless!🙏