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@SpunkyGalaxy On His Way Up


Lebogang Mashigo also known as @SpunkyGalaxy seems to be one of the internet kids that is ready to make the industry shake this year. He is a different breed of what you commonly hear from most rappers nowadays, his hypnotizing touch really sets him apart and his feel and background to the tales of his raps are a true fantasy,

Spunky Galaxy is a 21 year old rapper that was born and bred in Johannesburg ,Alexandra. Since the release of his first EP titled “Odyssey” @SpunkyGalaxy has become the talk in the industry among people such as Fredd Kayembe, Slikour and many others,. The kid bases his song on illusive situations that he faces in his life on a regular but gives them the twist that everything happen within the space of his Galaxy.

His rise to stardom seems like one that has been  long awaited for due to the amount of talk around his name. he is set to be dropping his first music video this week on the 19th and the video seems to be highly anticipated among the masses. Due to the dope representation of visuals on his social networks. We are looking forward to this one.


@SpunkyGalaxy claims that this year is the year that he will become freshman of the year 2017 and that we should look forward to hearing a lot of amazing music from him. He surely is a young man that is on his way up in this galaxy. If you haven’t heard his music here’s the link to Odyssey