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@TaiterTrillest #TrillestFridays Release: “Lost”


Another Week, another Friday, which means a new single from Taiter. Today he brings us a melancholic trap step track titled “Lost” which featured as the third single from #TrillestFridays

From the previous releases under the #, Taiter has given us tracks with a trap sound, catchy and yet composes of versitile lyricism. This gives light to TaiterTrillest alter ego as the Trap Lyricist, the name is self explanatory and thus Taiter proves why he is the Trap Lyricist as he intertwines the bars and the contemporary trap sound.

However, it is noticeable that Taiter has been addressing issues regarding the current stage of South African Hip Hop music, the scene and how he is definitely going to break through the industry and snatch everyone’s spot. On “No Rules” he uses punchlines like “I don’t mind going head to head/ I don’t mind being your enemy/ cause yall sounding the same now/ that goes for anyone even niggas in the game now” as well as on “Underrated” he raps “Now they basing talent on who blew up first/ G*d damn, so underrated I am not even rated/ Between me & you I am not even ready”. It’s is evident that Taiter could be taking jabs at specific individuals or the industry as a whole as on “Lost” he raps
“I know that they watching they lurking/
Some of yall not even slacking,you lacking, it’s embarrassing/
Don’t even put me in comparison”

Whatever the boy has experience is going through he is definitely not filtering it in his recent tracks. Keep up with the boy on twitter @TaiterTrillest amd throw your 2 cents, opinions & feedback regarding his latest tracks.

Stream “Lost” Below: