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Tedical finally puts his work on visual presentation


Music videos are a great way of engaging with fans to farmiliarise your face with them and It has been a recurring phenomenon ever since. Talking about a rapper who has been giving his fans enough music from The Visionary mixtape, to Activity1 EP and Activity2 EP, Tedical has finally started realising the significance of giving his fans visuals for his music.

Tedical has a number of hit singles in all his projects including songs like Problems, Mama’s garden, Damn, My stick, Patience and more. His fans have been requesting videos of his music for a while now. Taking into account the buzz he has generated for himself on social media by dropping good music that people can relate to, going at a couple of rappers in the Hip hop industry like Kid Tini and Emtee, and performing around the country, Tedical realised it is time his fans get to know how he does it behind the cameras therefore he dropped his first music video for a song he calls Twisted brains from his Activity1 EP.
Twisted brains is the only song that generated a lot of hype for KingTed in terms of awknowlegement for controversy from his fans after he went at the Ambitious Entertainment rapper Kid Tini. These are the controversial bars on Twisted brains aimed at Tini,

“Hold it there, you can even check on my calender, i dropped a mixtape now go tell your people i’m clumsy.
A bitch nigga always cum quick i overcum, stop tripping you ain’t never been a new school bully.”
Those lines were clearly meant for Kid Tini for the self acclaimed title of the new school bully and what Tedical does is actually daring Tini to take him and prove that he is actually the bully he claims to be. Many fans of Kid Tini went down on Tedical like a ton of bricks and he didn’t seem to be surprised at all.

Twisted brains is not just controversial but the creativity, the switch of flows and wordplay of the song is exceptionally incredible for a young upcoming rapper like him and it’s amazing how he merged all of these skills in a trap beat which he produced himself. Watching the video will even maximise the picture you have of his lyrical brutality and confidence in your mind and he decided to go a little bit old school on it.

Another interesting aspect of the video of Twisted brains is Tedical’s movements and the energy he invested in demonstrating his lines with his facial expressions. He admitted that it was not easy to complete the video and that his director Tumelo Mare had him in the studio for more than 48 hours of shooting. The music video was shot by Amazon Entertainment and Marline Media Group Pictures and is available on YouTube and Vimeo for viewing.

Tedical has recently tweeted that from 2018 he will start to put most of his projects on visual presentation. We don’t know what next he is going to give us, either he will give us his long anticipated song called Gawazie where he featured a Nigerian artist or either he will give us more videos of his released songs but we are certain that this young rapper is going to grow even bigger and that as time goes by, he will eventually be one of the greatest rappers in Africa and the world.