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Tedical say he can take Kid Tini for a ride.


Kid Tini is definitely a problem to A-Reece as he keeps on provoking beef against him and his prod seems to be working out for him although Reece gives him less of his attention. Now a lot of critics have been singing a victory anthem for Tini whenever Reece is not entertaining the feud cause they assumed Reece is kind of scared to go toe to toe with Kid Tini.

We don’t know if the young king will come back for Tini after his retaliative line on Rick Rick’s Pick you up but the 20 year old rapper Tedical seems to be a rat that’s willing to keep Kid Tini busy. Tedical has been sticking to his lane and never really dissed anyone for popularity but this time around he surprised us all on the song Twisted Brains.

His verse is without debate one of the lyrically rebellious verses ever written by a 20 year old in the country and fans have been comparing it a lot to Kendrick Lama’s Control verse. Although he didn’t mention Kid Tini’s name on the song but it’s all clear that his verse which is the third one in the song is straight intended to Tini, especially when he said “Stop tripping you ain’t never been a new school bully” which is what Kid Tini titled himself.

Now if you had gone through the controversial lyrics of Kid Tinin’s songs the New school bully and Movie and Tedical’s Twisted Brains, who do you think would survive the battle between the two? Is really hard to tell but we’ll only know if Tini responds and the battle goes further.