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Tedical’s Mr Carter sounds better than the original by Lil Wayne


KingTed is back in proving to his fans and fellow rappers that he’s no one to be underrated in the rap game. It has been a long time since Tedical released new music and that was when he dropped his first mixtape The Visionary. On the 16th of November this year, the young rapper dropped his own version of Mr Carter featuring the vocals of Sha-Ron Prescott which are also in the original song, but he also featured the vocals of his fellow artist AC Jewel.

Lil Wayne is one of Tedical’s role models and for him to take the Mr Carter instrumental to do his own version is enough proof. But the astonishing fact is Tedical’s Mr Carter sounds better than the original one by Lil Wayne in many aspects. How Tedical tackles the beat with his rare deliverance skill is what made his version the best, including the fact that he didn’t drag his legs on the punchlines and metaphors. Here are some of the most catchy lines from the song, “I’m so retarded i been hiding condoms in the bible,

Give me the pen man this my time to draw attention”.

He also created interesting lines with some big names as references. “The brighter quest that Kwesta took is high to never land” which means he don’t see the rap icon Kwesta as someone who will fall anytime soon. “I’m Snoopy D.O.G and D.R.E, leaving R.I.P’s on the mic, Murder was the case” which means he always kill these rappers on the mic and he uses the famous movie Murder Was The Case by Snoop Dog to create this interesting line.

2Pac is a name every rapper respects but Tedical just proved his despise to it when he said, “They say call the cops when you see 2pac yeah, I say call the Gods when you see my nuts yeah” This controversial line tells us that Tedical thinks he’s better than Pac. It now gets exciting when he pulls up the most rival names AKA and Cassper Nyovest to create a metaphor, “My AKA doesn’t click with your ponytail” Although it might seem like a diss to Cassper’s ponytail, Tedical said it simply means me and you will never get along in our lifetime.

This is a song everyone has to here. You can download it on Hype Magazine, Audiomack and other sites which you can get links for when you follow @TedicalWorld on twitter or Tedical on Facebook.