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@THC-Watseba -Never Ends Music Vaideo


Watch the @THC_Watseba Music video for “Never Ends

Never Ends” is the third single from rapper T.H-C’s debut Digital Album 7441-DoN. The song features a beat produced by Beatsmith. It is nominated “Song of the year” at the 2017 Atok Music awards
The song Never Ends is about T.H-C dealing with the good and the bad side of success, and excepting the consequences it comes with.

“Never Ends” marked Beatsmith’s second big T.H-C production after the success of “Fcuk Boy” .[1] Beatsmith had been playing some beats for T.H-C to select from, to which T.H-C was freestyling to. After freestyling the phrase “I’m just having nice times with my friends, my girl talking shit, it never ends” T.H-C, who was suitably impressed requested all the beats.[1] Beatsmith then gave T.H-C the backing track to what would become “Never Ends”.

T.H-C then recorded the tracks at trizzle studio’s , the tracks he recorded to later became, merlot moments and never ends.
Critical reception

The song is currently nominated at Atok Music Awards for “Song of the year” Nominated
Was featured in naijaHits mixtape 2017

Music video
The music video was shot between August 24 – 26, 2016, in Ruimsig, Johanessburg, It is the 3rd music video off of the LP after Fcuk boy & Stoned Steve Biko.

The video premiered on UniVibez Sept 13, 2016. It consists of T.H-C riding around with his friends, drinking various liquor , including Carling Black label, JC re loux, Red Label Whisky to name a few. With shot of him ghost riding Farai’s car, counting a stack of R100 bills blowing smoke with the signature Triangle which has been in all of his featured music videos.

Then continuing to an apartment vernue of riverbush where he greets Tapiwa hello and kisses his girl misss_jay .Ending with a scene where his friends are laying all over the place with del forno pizza boxes everywhere, then doing a farewell greeting to Beatsmith who is hooded laying in the kitchen.

The video, which was directed by David Chimzizi & Gibbson Chomar features appearances by Misss_Jay, Tapiwa, Beatsmith , Gibson, Farai and David.