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@THC_Watseba T.H-C Announces NEW Single “Lost”


T.H-C Watseba announced on twitter the release of the Latest Single from “1080 dp Hieroglyph’s” Soundtrack Album “7441-IcoN : $in TaX”  titled “Lost (prod.ACR production)” ,

“T.H-C is a bubbling hip hop artist from Cape Town, with his debut 7441-DoN, he is making waves with audiences, boasting a global audience, even being broadcasted on international Television shows and radio stations.” – Scaresinfo

“Lost” will be available everywhere on 25/05/2018.

Please feel free to give us your views, the song itself is about T.H-C feeling lost, in the world of entertainment,

  • recorded in Campus Canvas studio’s 2015 while recording his now critically acclaimed debut “7441-DoN”
  • 7441-DoN to date has 100 000+ streams,4 award nominations 4 music videos with two more pending, a documentary, merchandising and a tour scheduled for Spring 2018.
  • mixed and mastered by AZA,
  • T.H-C designed the artwork using over
  • recorded during the time he was a Campus Canvas brand ambassador / executive

“Whatever genre you want to call it, Music is music , I just tell my truth” – T.H-C

Being the 3rd single to be released from the1080 dp Hieroglyph’s: 7441-IcoN : $in TaX”  Please rate and review T.H-C’s existing work here

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After the success of the first single “Bonkers” ft J Ro (Prod.Romeo Whisky)” was broadcasted and reviewed on “Live from the B-side” American hip hop tv show, coming out with a TPC rating T.H-C, J Ro and Romeo Whisky are the first African artists to be featured on the show

  • Bonkers is nominated for “Best Collaboration” at the Atok Music Awards, (2017)
  • Playlisted by SA Hip Hop Award winning radio station venrap Radio
  • International feature T.H-C (From RSA), J Ro(From Zambia) and Romeo Whisky(From Malawi)
  • 5000+ streams


“Question” (prod. Sulphy & Kubz) which was retweeted by Hype Magazine and will soon be featured in the top downloaded tracks section, being the lead single, it was released to celebrate the anniversary of 7441-DoN and release of 3rd music video “Never Ends”

  • Mixed and mastered by lead guardian producer “Sulphy The HitMaker”
  • Produced by Kubzi Sitati originally
  • Lead single to T.H-C The Obzerved….Season 1(LP) which is T.H-C’s sophomore digital album, release date TBA
  • 6500+ Streams





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Email : ThceoAphane@gmail.con

Whatsapp : 0760385040


Facebook : facebook.com/thcwatseba

Twitter & Insta: @THC_Watseba

Rapgenius : https://genius.com/albums/Thc-watseba/7441-don