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@TheREAL_ManKind – Living Messiah


ManKind is here to shift and shape the South African music industry. Born in a small town known as Standerton, Mankind now resides in Jo’burg. I grew up in Mpumalanga where I began smashing drums every Sunday at a local church, this was around the age of 13. While showcasing my new found talent in artistry, I would also recite poetry in front of various audiences.

And as for MUSIC…it’s always been a big and vital part of my township, sometimes poverty stricken life. Another aspect to it is that my dad was a religious follower of the Jazz sound and this led to a great influence on my music taste. I am certain about God’s existence, and as Mankind I preach greatness and share on what I’ve seen, heard and believe to be.

The content in my new single “Living Messiah” displays a fountain of wisdom and memories of my life experiences as well as knowledge. I am only concerned about making real and positive changes with my music, affect people in some way and this stems from the irresponsible role that we’ve assumed as messengers. The new single ‘Living Messiah’ symbolises all the struggles and issues I was going through when I recorded the song. I speak of the pressure I was under caused by family but mostly by the internal pressure of making it in the music industry.

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