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Toxic_Low Budget


Low Budget is a project I’ve been working on for as long as I can remember, way before I even knew I would ultimately call it “Low Budget”, I always had the idea of taking the “Low Budget” aspect in the visuals and blend them with quality aspect of my lyrics. Luckly I met up with the co-founders of PayPaBag Multimedia and they decided to take on the “Low Budget” project through working with them I quickly realised it was going to be hard to connect to the “Low Budget” side of things due to their high quality ways of doing things, but we attacked as a team from the conseptualization of curtain tracks to the structure of the track listing to the brainstorming, locations, props and etc… Until we finally completed it, I would love to take all the props and say this album was all me but it took a team effort and so ladies and gentlemen, Toxic and PaypaBag Multimedia are proud to present to you…Low Budget.

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