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@trizzle37 – Undergrad


From Harare, Zimbabwe comes a fiery artist who aims to use his pen and pad as a weapon to influence a generation!

With his Official Debut Mixtape titled “Undergrad”, Trizzle aims to portray the struggles of a university student from “squandering your monthly allowance in a day, to printers habitually acting up on deadline day.” From Freshman to  Undergrad, listeners are given an opportunity to experience his journey and growth from his perspective.

As a student of the Hip-Hop culture, Trizzle tells his story with impeccable flow as well as catchy wordplay and rhyme schemes giving listeners something they can bump to, and more importantly, relate to.

With features from lyrical heavyweights such as Leezy and Goldfurnace, and the production handled by Trizzle himself,  the Undergrad project is surely what the game has been missing.

Listen to The Undergrad Project below: