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@Tumi_Luciano – WHEN YOU SEE ME


Sporting funky instrumentation and loads of local flavour, when you see me is reminiscent of the earlier 2000s when hip hop and soul collided to create those foot-tapping tracks we’d all vibe to.  With its
confident message and catchy lyrics, this track will be one you won’t be turning off anytime soon.

Hailing from the township known as Gugulethu, situated roughly 15 KM from Cape Town, I grew up in a large family.  Being surrounded by so many people helped foster the urge within me to be unique, something that was confirmed the moment I was introduced to rap music.  I of course wasn’t aware of the art form known as rap at the time, as all I was doing was simply speaking over Jazz tracks.  Seeing this, my father felt it necessary to introduce me to rap, and the journey began.

Later we moved to Johannesburg and with no concept of the English language, I used rap as a medium to teach myself.  This, as you can imagine got me into trouble thanks to all the curse words I unknowingly imitated.

Finally proficient not only in English but in the subtleties that makes rap an art form, I went on to record in numerous studios, honing my craft as I went along.

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Tumi Luciano