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Ugly Betty feat. Heavylinez & Eskay


Pro Error Ntozini (Real Name Msindisi Innocent Professa Ntozini) born in 19 February 1995 is a rapper, producer, song writer and performer from Mpumalanga Middelburg (South Africa). He started gaining waves of interest in his local music industry by producing well-known local artists around his community (1050).

Pro Error started Rapping at the age of Sixteen after letting go the world of Hip-hop Dancing, having Been influenced by his neighbour who was a producer back then. He learnt the process of music production by watching his neighbour producing artists even though the genre of the music his neighbour was producing wasn’t of his interest but for the love of Music Pro error was able to bear listening to wedding songs everyday until he knew how to produce his own Music.

Ugly Betty (How ugly The Game gets)

An epic tale about a supremely young African-male Rapper who rises from the ferocious and oppressive streets of 1050 to being a shining star in the lucrative world of hip-hop. However, he soon finds that most he’s the most hated artist in his hood, the only chance of survival in The game is to get Rid of of all the bad air Around him.