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Vision (Feat. Kaynine)


Damnit I’m One Of The Best Here /Miss Me With All The Fame Ish/Told You Don’t Mess With The Set Man/I’ve Been This Way From The Jump/

I Told You I’m Back On My Bull-Ish/Its A Remix I Came With The Whole Clique/Doing The Most With The Squad Man/Most Of These Boys Are Just Faking/I Need A Milli Like Real Quick/

Need To Buy Umagriza A Big Crib/A Couple Of Chains For The Whole Team/So It’s Either They Pay Me Or No Verse/ Peezy Called Me For A Remix/ Had To Pull Up For The
Whole Team/

These Mamies Call Me On Some Hoe Shit Told Em I’ll Be At The Fuckin Studio /Out Here Tryna Make Some Fast Cash I Don’t Give A Fuck About A Booty Call.