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Watrs – DayDreams


I go by the name of Watrs. I’m a rapper, producer and engineer.

My style is influenced by various artists and genres. I’ve spent most of my time studying different aspects of music and writing. I focus on originality and truthfulness, creating sounds unique to my identity.

I’m a lost soul. I found rap when I was 7 and I’ve been using it to express myself ever since. I tell my story through rap. I’m very transparent. I feel like there are so many people so afraid of expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings, so I do it for them by expressing mine.

I want to be the voice inside their head that reminds them that they’re not the only person going through what they’re going through. I want to make music that puts their feelings and thoughts into words and I want to take them on a journey while doing so.

I like to think of my music as a drug or a temporary escape.

When I started out, it was just my drug.

Now it’s yours.

The song I’m submitting is called “DayDreams”. It’s the second Single off my latest project, “Fountain of You _ _”, which has already gotten the attention of Celeste Mitchell from the Ready D Show on GoodHope FM.[

https://www.facebook.com/hiphopchick1/videos/1756717214389588/?t=167 ]

Thank you for listening.

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