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The Wave Way EP


Baasquiat is a musician with an “unruly” approach to music. With an ear for electronic while being rooted and heavily entrenched from a traditional musical background. Which is now taking hip-hop to another stratosphere.

His very first EP is looking to prove that very point. Titled ‘The Wave way’, it takes you on a journey that’s only just begun to take its proper course. Starting from ‘Pressure ‘, the EP paints a picture of Cape Town but with the preferences of Baasquiat all measured against the negatives of the city along with his own personal mistakes.

Tracks like ‘Cobaine Freestyle ‘, ‘King TuT’& ‘Moon Ganga’ (with SaMac JayLa) all give you a small peak into the artist’s mentality and mindset towards his personal issues and those that affect his family’s well-being.

Bravado is everything to this artist, it serves as a springboard for his future, and this part of his persona is captured to perfection on records like ‘Wave way’ and ‘C.O.A.ST way’ – one being a micro-description of his confidence and his cousins influence on him – the other is a macro version based on the same story but orchestrated by his city once again.

According to the publisher: “Being extremely intrigued by every type of art, a single like ‘Winter’ shows the listener the darker and unruly Baasquiat, this isn’t the case with ‘Coachella’.” This is a quirky take on how Africans view themselves when trying to reach a certain goal. Something the artist has been struggling with for a long time. This is Baasquiat and the Wave way EP.