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Welcum2KineticWorldMixtape By KblackThaKineticG


KblackThaKineticG is Rap artist,poet,lyricist,song writer and artist manager.from the streets of Pretoria where some of the most talented artists in the country which is South Africa come from but mostly unnoticed cause the city does not have opportunities like the infamous Johannesburg but that does not affect this led right here performing a lot of shows outside his town and gained recognition more outside his comfort zone even out of the country and we hear that in his current mixtape that has dropped.

The man sounds highly international even his peers agree to that with lyrics that would take you back to your physical science class you use to bunk.intelligent and poetic in his approach so it comes as no surprise when i say his influences are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and wale.

To download his mixtape please follow this link:

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/kblackthakineticg
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kineticmusicsa
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kblackthakineticg
Snapchat: Kblackthakineticg
Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fyo43bSBl54