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WHO’S @trippygeezus ?


@trippygeezus is a rapper/musician/music video director/video editor from the south of Gauteng, Sebokeng in the Vaal. Despite being born in ’92,  growing up in South Africa during the early 2000 was not a good time to be interested in Hip-Hop, because Hip-Hop in South Africa was not a big influential sound like it soon would.

During 2003 when I was 11 after my parents divorced, I was very depressed and confused about life, during this difficult time my older brother got me a bootleg cassette copy of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP. Around this time is when I found that rap sounded good and I knew deep down in my heart I could also rap.

The moment I knew I was born to rap was when I was 12 in 2004, after a friend-of-a-friend said he could out-rap me. After that I was a battle MC until high school. I started my own brand “@trippygeezus” in 2014 but got serious with the music in late 2017. My music is about the typical 21st century South African youth from the ghetto who’s being faced with drug abuse, unemployment, crime and social-awkwardness, who’s trying to stay away from the negative energy around him and build a positive movement that can educate and empower youth from the ghetto who are going through the same obstacles.

I dropped an EP late March 2018 titled Good Vibez, Bad Life. This is my first musical project ever, the EP is structured around the tough times I survived and still surviving in my life concerning drug addiction, trust issues, family issues and the romantic relationships I’ve had in my life. The EP has 5 songs with 1 bonus track.