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‘Yuang’ From the underground


Yuang (also known as Escobars) is an undergroumd artist who is making moves in the underground schene. He has collaborated with many underground artists such as Joey Manson , Anthony Parker and Stable who also are rising in their devision.

“I make music because its my way of expressing and showing emotion , rap music to me is life. I grew up listening to 2 pac , Lil Wayne , Marilyn Manson and biggie and thats why my sound is more alternative rock than 21st century Hip Hop”

Growing up in the hood streets of Durban he has carried a hood mentality in his music. His city has shaped him into the musician he is today. ” Durban (031) is where I come from and when I started rapping all the kids were into house music but when I moved to Johannesburg my style was accepted ”

The young champ has grown in the underground schene and has perfected his craft thus far.
Details: Yuang420bookings
Soundcloud: Yuang.Just_Yuang
Instagram: @shouldbeyuang
Twitter: @Shouldbeyuang_