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@AK_9ELEVEN Drops “Bad Habits Vol. 1: Eating In Public” June 2019.


After a 5 year Hiatus from releasing “Darkest Before Dawn Ep” AKiXXi returns with a full body of work and he’s never sounded better.


Lyrically he’s content is the most relatable from the title track “Bad Habits” which also happens to be the opening track to the project, he weaves through his personal experiences growing up in one of the most densely populated townships in South Africa, Umlazi. A very intimate, emotional and revealing body of work with “Blame Game”, “Pressure”, “Anything for the Pain” and “Black Sheep” being a few highlights of the 15 track EP.


From speaking about his relationship with his mother, the way children from the townships sometimes get stereotyped outside of the community and even from within the community itself, his relationship woes and the highlights of being one of the most well seasoned lyricists in the city.


Not to mention the perfect timing of the voice notes which add a depth to the concept of the project and a bit of comedic relief to what might seem like a very serious and thought provoking piece of art. And that’s exactly what this EP is, a piece of art. The production on the project is the glue that keeps this, unskipable, body of music together.  His ear and beat choice has never been this refined having the entire project executive produced by Jabulani Cindi. He delivers his story perfectly on top off a very psychedelic, musical yet bouncy production. An easy to listen, yet heart moving musical experience.


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