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@andile_don Thee Saucy – Untold Stories


All of my friends have turned into enemies
Deep in these pain i need remedy
I told her i love her she’s high on the molly,
She’s feeling the bond like its chemistry

I’m deep in my zone ( yea)
I know she a loner
Most of my friends turnin shoulders
I’m grinding one day they will know us

I switched up the flows
I’m gettin the dough
Shawty she knows that I’m dope (yea)
They hatin im reaching my goals
Yea Ttr they my bros

They think I’m a prodigy
I don’t even need your apology
I am the sauce I’m the recipe
They talkin crap i just let em be

They rapping bout guns
They talking bout cars
I’m switching the beat then I’m gone
Im leaving a fog
Like a smoke from a bong
I need these combos you know that i cop
I rain on a beat you know that i drop