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@benthedawg-Ganda Ganda


Benthedawg is the true definition of hardwork. His academic transcripts are evidential to that statement. This hard-work ethic is further reflected on his music and most importantly his lyrical content. His recently released single (Ganda Ganda) speaks about hard work in depth and most notably that his dreams and goals will not just be that,he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make them a reality. The song is inspired by mineworkers who regardless of the dangers inherent in mining,they always go back underground to extract the valuable minerals. Furthermore, more recently mineworkers showed the greatest resilience in the Marikana massacre when they fought for what they believed was right stopping at nothing to get it.

Hip hop has been tarnished by people who don’t understand its origin by preaching drugs, sex and money. A revolution of new rappers who inspire hope,ambition and change has come. Benthedawg is the revolution. Like any other revolution,it’s success is largely dependent on encouragement and support. I urge the public at large to nurture and support this young man’s hustle by downloading and sharing his music with friends and family.
“Without music,life would be a mistake”
Friedrich Nietzsche

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