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California Changed my Life (CCML)


Kinga (King Akeem), born in Memphis, TN and raised in Little Rock, AR, he retrieved his gift for music, directly from his hometown – the home of the famous Stax Records, which provided the staple-music filled vibe inside of their city, inspiring many residents there; including his mother. Handing over an old guitar to her son, at the early age of five, Kinga’s mother would assist with the start of his plight to create music, where he would later as a young adult, gain the ability to import his writing skills into his own unique style of alternative hip hop.

Zii Dimensional’s passion for creating hip-hop with important and profound meaning came in the form of life experience, where struggling with finding his own identity, of being an adopted multi-racial child, influenced his decision to spill his emotions and feelings onto explosive tracks. Dimensional studied the performances and lyricism styles of many greats, such as: Nirvana, Beethoven, Garth Brooks, & Sade, he became deeply propelled to become an artist; after writing his first single ‘Homage to Biggie’ after his idol, the Notorious B.I.G., was shot and killed in L.A. Zii Dimensional is a unique artist whose dimensions define his existence. Music has not just been a part of his life- music is his life!

Both artists would grow into young adults, putting forth serious efforts into presenting their crafts unto the world, during their high school years. At the age of sixteen, Zii Dimensional, would end up recording his first demo, while Kinga (King Akeem) would competitively serve bars at local rap battle events and also venture into the radio world, as a DJ personality. The two simultaneously began to grow as artists and independent businessmen, managing themselves and forming their inseparable bond, ‘Tonite’s Entertainment’.

The two determined rappers released their debut album, ‘Shades, Cocktail Waitresses, and Morning Dew Intermissions’ in late 2013, and everything else in their lives began to connect musically. With the influences of artists from Michael Jackson, Prince, Al Green – to Three Six Mafia, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G., the duo’s creativity and essence with meshing totally different styles together, would gain them great opportunities to build their reputation as musicians.

Tonite’s Entertainment (TE) became heavily recognized within their area, being invited as guests to perform on live television for Fox 16, as well as an inaugural Little Rock NYE celebration, hosted by actor/ rapper Bow Wow in Lil Rock, AR. Over the last view years the two artists gained the gracious opportunities to work alongside independent music stars like, Angela McCluskey, former Aftermath Records artist Bishop Lamont, and the legendary platinum record creator R.L., from the group ‘Next’, on their upcoming EP release ‘9-PM-Untill’, California Changed my life (CCML) is also on this album, which tells the story of Zii & Kinga’s 9 month stay in Palm Springs .  The  duo also works on soundtrack material for a film project, as well as a television series for the viewers in Little Rock, AR, while collaborating with the top artists and producers in their area and surrounding states.

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