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cinroi xo


Lusaka,Zambia/Pittsburgh artist

Gives average Joe ep out too fans for free.

Posted a picture on facebook talking about the release for the long awaited 2017 ep ‘Average Joe’.

“I’ve really craved my fans with my material this year because I really wanted on getting out there and meeting the industry, so I think with this project I can give the fans something too bump too, I still think personally the game is sleeping and they ain’t ready for what the kids got coming, with this new wave”. Augiste Kayembe – Cinori xo.

Cinori xo plans on releasing singles under the new management he is under, called ‘Connexion Records’. In a interview with ‘Sanga tembo’, Cinori talked about his collaboration with label mate ‘Tiino’, on a song titled ‘Greatest’.

Cinori xo had early leaks from the 2017 ep causing him too drop back release dates.

Official track list
Average Joe
1. Average Joe ft Trevor boganz

2.My City

3.Get paid ft Uncle Rex

4.Bow down ft Dagger

5.Dibas & Kwacha

6.Captin Charisma

7.Last Hope

8.The Boy ft Jay Prime(the fake) & Drill Drilley

9. Madusa

10. Make it work

Bonus tracks
*Fluke boy
*i ain’t the same
*you don’t know ft Lirik & Young Stunna