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Dirty By African Jungle Maestros


I’m Audry, the lead vocalist for African Jungle Maestros. I would like to present AJM’s latest single, titled Dirty.

I really admire the work you do online and i would be enormously grateful and honoured if you could feature our track on your site. I have included below, the song description, bio and links.

“Dirty” is a hip hop track about the highly seductive staple drink in the current hip hop culture, Lean/ Sizzurp/ Dirty Sprite. The song compares Lean to an alluring lady of the night, loved by many, loyal to none.

Production features a bold and bouncy beat, accompanied by Asian violins and one simply can’t miss the progressions that switch up the song in directions that take the listener on a mind- blowing musical journey.

The vocals don’t let up bringing bar after bar of lyrical ecstasy and pure awesomeness. Musically, this track is well constructed.

The ensemble responsible for this masterpiece is a multi-genre musical trio, based in Johannesburg called African Jungle Maestros, with AM aka Eeland on vocals, AubrielM, a producer/vocalist/rapper and ThatGuy, a producer/rapper.

These guys have worked with the greats including Maraza, Haem-o, Emtee, Jeii and Damien (Black Shoe). AJM projects ranges from Hip-Hop, Trap, PBR&B, Alternative and Jazz,

The new single is available for streaming at