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@DosMohubz-nobody’s perfect


kingdee is a rapper from village called Tlakgameng. He also a hip hop/rap producer, he began to produce his own music early 2012.were there was less rappers in his hood Tlakgameng. but for the love of music he has,nothing was pulling his back.he joined Retlahifa hip hop crew in the 2007.which consist of 5 members,parites butshe,bignaire mento,fraym enemiko,francic monde’lez and kingdee dos.

kingdee brings what he calls music.his rap style is his.he also working on an album which is Mo Hubz(1manalbum) from production to vocalist he’s doing alone.which will drop late May this year.

Nobody’s perfect has dropped September 22 2017 which score to be in top ten in bnremag.com is an online magazine.the song was on spot no #2 for the whole six weeks in the chart.up to so far he released 3 tracks + 1 track from retlahifa’s RESIDENCE MINDS EP which is raks(ramasedi) the song score to be part of tha bnremag best/10 in spot no #1.that means retlahifa is the artist of the month in bnremag for February.

another track that is babe babe by kingdee is also in best/10 of bnremag.com but will officially be in top10 next week.is the single made for complimenting the love once. because we were approaching valentines day.the song released on 09 February 2017…