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Emerging SA hip hop artist, 4 Eva Noir, releases EP, Alchemy


4 Eva Noir, known affectionately as Stem to those closest to him, released his EP Alchemy last weekend. The tracks, including Red Flag, Most, InFiNitY, eQual, and Gotham City, recorded by Swiss producer Gabriel Kalamba, are available for download on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Audiomack, Google Play, and Deezer.  

His unique sound encompasses the perfect mix of old school and new school, and hits the sweet spot for true hip hop heads, who embrace contemporary styles, but still want to feel the authenticity of rap that has carried itself through the ages. In his own words, “my music is a refreshing style of sound.” He further adds, “ I tried to approach Alchemy with a calculated manipulation of lyrics and rhythm, much like the scientific practice itself that requires real precision to achieve the desired result.”

A  lawyer by profession, 4 Eva Noir offers an element of empathy and encouragement to his fans, in a world where the entertainment business is often viewed as “illegitimate” compared to the corporate environment. Alchemy speaks to the creative kids, who want to chase the ambitions their parents have for them, but know that their heart lies in creating art, whether it be drama, music, dance, or creative talent.

Before pursuing his dreams, 4 Eva Noir obtained his BCom Law and LLB Law Degree at the University of Pretoria in Commercial Law, and then later his LLM in International Business Law at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Musically speaking, 4 Eva Noir has a local appreciation for rappers such as Anatii, who he feels was successful in pulling out the professional side to hip hop after returning to South Africa from the USA, and Aewon Wolf, who has been able to create an impressive, loyal fan base for himself. On an international scale, he draws inspiration from the likes of the Weeknd, K Forest, Majid Jordan and Ellie Jackson.