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@Englibeth – Keyboard worrior


My name is Englibeth a rapper from Centurion. Recently I released 3 singles which are doing well on social media and music platforms. The link of the song I am submitting is https://youtu.be/6acYQLxR2HQ.

I belive in experimenting in the studio and have realised that doing so I end up with some really dope sounds. Since I was exposed to music from a young age I can play a couple of live instruments including guitar and keys. I believe any music concept needs to be developed till it is ready for critics. With that, I prefer to spend more time perfecting a concept rather than rushing to public unmatured art.

Keyboard worrior is a song I have decided to addresss the modern haters. Social media is a great place to enhance social cohesion but unfortunately some people use it to spread negative comments and discourage each other. So I decided to boost the positive people with the message that we will not allow negative people to drag us down with comments. Keyboard worriors hide behind their devices and seek to pull everyone down but we are not going to allow that to happen to us.

Keyboard worriors are not entirely bad people, they are just in a bad space. Maybe they hurting from the inside and somehow act hostile. So in the song I also address how they can change their mindset by not paying attention to negative aspects of life.

This song is performing well on social media in a very short time hence I want to boost it by approching platforms like yours.