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Get Paid ft Uncle Rex @Cinori_xo


For this song and music video, hiphop artist Cinori Xo got the legendary Uncle Rex too tag along and play all the guitar hear in this hiphop new age pop song produced by The Magician and Demao’ 

Cinori XO released a 2017 mixape called ‘Average joe’, including this shocking banger ‘Get Paid’, with a music video a few days after announcing that he was shooting a music video too the song. This move is beileved too be Cinori XO’s first break through into the industry.

The Main Event Milvia Entertainment and Lex music group play a very big role behind the successful lusaka young star.  Blogs, Fans and news paper predict that Cinori xo’s shine will come like no other.

cinori xo is the future of zambian and african hiphop.



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