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@Iam_Narcho – Like It Or Not


Narcho , is the King William’s Town proclaimed most influential Eastern Cape Hip Hop Artist .From opening for live acts such as Emo Adams & Maxhoseni , Narcho born Qhamani Mabizela from Peelton Location a small village outside King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape has managed to catch the ears and hearts of his fans not only through his smooth sound and electrifying flows but also through his movements of giving back to the community.

He has helped distribute local brands such as ‘ STIPULATION ‘ founded by Ntsika Ngodi. He also helped a few artists from King William’s Town by featuring on their songs or calling them out to perform with him , Neital ( hip hop artist) & Siphamandla Tomose ( Hip Hop Dancer ) the runner up for TruFm’s Talent Search and most importantly Narcho started a movement called ‘ UNLOCKEKA ‘ which is aimed at individuals to get out of their comfort zones and give back to the community by chasing their dreams & most importantly giving back.

The first thing the movement to targeted is SCHOOL UNIFORMS for students who unfortunately can’t afford to buy them . Narcho’s latest single ‘ Let’s Get It ‘ was hosted on The Blacksmithed , was play listed on the award wining hip hop radio station – Venrap Radio , NonStop Radio in New York , Hot10 Radio in the US.

Narcho – Like It Or Not Audio – http://www.music.theblacksmithed.com/download/like-it-or-not/