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INTRODUCING VENVORTEX: @VenVortex shinning the light on PAXXION

VenVortex was born as Sibusiso Mxotwa from a little dusty place in Eastern Cape called Dimbaza on the 12 of September 1993. He was raised around music mostly from Blues, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Gospel, House, RnB & Hip Hop just to name a few. His mother & father being the huge contributors for his passion for music.
The name Ven comes from the last 3 letters in eleven since his from Eleven block Dimbaza and his regarded the place as the center of everything. He also says he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up and he was always called Vortex. Then he just combined the two to make VenVortex.
In 2008 that is when he started writing songs not only for himself but also for his peers from there on 2009 he recorded his first song under Promusic103 a label they started with his friends. He did numerous interviews, music videos, features and event performances around Eastern Cape & Western Cape until he started working on his own company in 2017 named Blessin’Up Triangle (PTY) Ltd with a recording, record distribution, publishing and artist management division.
Which has released numerous mix tapes under his label (Mogul Family Music Records) i.e  Interstellar Mind, Love Conscious, Blink of a heart and 2Wks In 2018. Each one having a lot of great songs even cult classics for him. He then quit his job in pursuit of his dreams and he moved to Johannesburg. His music videos are doing pretty well online without being marketed in anyway. Most of his followers are waiting for the long awaited album PAXXION.
You can have a listen on:
Also watch videos on:
Which brings us to 2019, he is the the co-founder for the international perfume PAXXION by Impulse Int Cosmetics (PTY) Ltd. Which is starting to make waves around Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and East London. His also releasing PAXXION merchandise sometime during the year but everyone is still waiting on the Album. We have heard from numerous sources that the album was completed in 2017.
His released a compilation playlist this year namely 26′s (XXVI) later being changed to Bless Up an amazing put together project and its available now on https://www.soundcloud.com/venvortex/sets/26s