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@itsVictorJ – Concrete Thoughts Free Album


Concrete Thoughts is a project that Zimbabwean-born, Cape Town-based rapper and producer Victor-J has been working on since the beginning of 2016. In total this album took 1 year and 6 months to create. This is not Victor-J’s first project although he has deleted all his previous projects from the internet because he feels the past 5 years of his career has consisted of him finding himself as an artist. Concrete Thoughts is a result of this. He believes the true beauty of the project is lost if he attempts to put a label on the project or even it’s themes. He has decided to keep it open to interpretation, however one thing which is evident is this project has been inspired by his experiences as an African youth living in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

I appreciate your time and consideration.
TWITTER: @itsVictorJ
INSTA: victorjmusic