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K.pRO says flame is a fake musician


many where shocked by K.pRO s latest post on Twitter.K.pRO took to twitter that flame is a fake and wanna be trapper.however the trapper has clarified that Flame is not wack but Fake.

K.pRO Says he is surprised why a nigga would want copy travis scott style whilst he can create his own like a A-Reece.

K.pRO Announced on his interview with Igdarryl that he will drop a song to address all this fake rappers in SA music,However,Laflame is one of them.

he used the hashtag of fugfake which might be his next single after droppimg Two Face ep.

it is clear that K.pRO is declaring beef with flame,are we gonna get a diss track??lets wait and see flame’s response