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KING GRIZZY’s most exciting work


KING GRIZZY’s most exciting work for any rapper and hip-hop head so far is the Extended Play titled KING OF ALL KINGS featuring tracks such: Nelson Mandela https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggTJBtszGwI, Bad B!tch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGe_94ZlyX8, and Tom Ford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOp56bXePwM with the leading single Bosso. The single Bosso has one of the dopest music video for an upcoming artist judging by South African industry standards. Also the track Nelson Mandela was hyped up by the feature of Erick Rush and Purffy on the remix of Nelson Mandela.

King Grizzy is not showing any signs of stopping any soon, he dropped a hot promo video to his recently released single feeling from the upcoming 5th December album that due to be launched on the 5th December 2017. The video to the single ‘Feeling’ is due to be released on Youtube late September or early October 2017. The single ‘Felling’ was released as a double play feauring ‘Feeling’ and ‘M’ Luv’ they were both released mid-July, with the intention of building an anticipation for the upcoming album 5th December. King Grizzys’ fans reaction was to the double play was awesome, showin appreciation to the new style which differs from the KOAK type of music.
KING GRIZZY expresses a unique sound in his recent work, however he still retains his element on the delivery and rhyms. South Africa truely has a star in him, this becomes a fact after one listens to his music.
on twitter: @King Grizzy SA, Facebook: King Grizzy SA, Instagram: @kinggrizzysa