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Lennox Best- The taste of Dreaming Beyond The Ville


Tumelo  Lennox  Matseke  better  known as  “Lennox”  or  “Lennox  Best”  is  a  21  years  old  hip-hop  artist  who  was  born  in  Johannesburg  and  reps  Rockville,  Soweto.  As  a  unique  individual,  he  has  always  been  passionate  about  music  because  even from  a  tender  age,  family members  admitted  that  music  has  been  his  driving  force,  since  he  spent  most  of  his  time  singing  and  later listening  to  an  array of  artists.  Growing  up  as  every black  child  he  played  soccer  and  was  very  zealous  to  some extent    until  he  found  himself. It  was  in  high  school  that  he  finally discovered  his  talent  when  he  and  his four  friends  formed  a  musical  group  called  “DiSoLovelyOriginals”.  This  group  consisted  of  three  artists  and  a producer.

After  matriculation,  he  decided  to  go  solo  since  he  saw  the  need  of  not  only  transitioning  from  being  a  pupil  to a  young  adult  but  also  growing  in  music. He  later  found  management  in  Dynamic  Pictures  and  Events Managements  (Pty)  Ltd,  (DyPEM),  a  local  artist  management  and  events  company  under  which  he’s  working on  his  debut  album  titled  “Dreaming  Beyond  The  Ville”.  Lennox  got  noticed by DyPEM  from  the  song  he  was  featured  on  by  Diezo  The  Rapper  (another  DyPEM’s artist)  titled  “Otis”.  He  just  finished  working  on  the  mentioned  album.

“Dreaming  Beyond  The  Ville”  contains  unique,  original  and  authentic  sound. He  is  working  with  Jabulani,  a  producer  who  worked  with  the  likes  of  Pat  Shange.  At  this  point  and  time,  he  truly believes  that  this  is  the  start  of  great  things to  happen  and  that  through  God’s will,  his  dream  will  come  true.

He is due to release his first singles from the album titled “Popping” and “Give It Up” featuring Lizz Kalo on the 31st of March 2017.

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Take a listen to the Dreaming Beyond The Ville preview below!

Dreaming Beyond The Ville Preview