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LYNX Life by Design


Multitalented rapper LYNX releases his first album titled Life by Design. This incredible album comes across as a jewel for South African Hip-Hop consumers as it addresses the value that comes with living your truth as a person.

With intriguing lyrical content, LYNX takes on an exciting journey of life experiences pivoted around the idea of a youngster making his own decisions against the opposing outside influences. Like the silent war waged within himself and the relentless world, in this album the rapper challenges the norms of following the formal path with the view of getting employed and the desire of pursuing a dream with the view of one designing his own life. The well-arranged songs relate about the consequences of those choices made, the trails endured, the betrayal suffered, family issues that arose and the overall strained relationships that can put ones will to the test.

Life by Design showcases his unique rhyme skills, metaphors and very prolific content delivered so well that it comes across as very entertaining, which makes the overall listening experience outstanding.

Soundcloud link; https://soundcloud.com/khoase-matubatuba
@Thisiz_Lynx on Twitter
For inquiries; emc.rockaz@gmail.com 0768633937