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@marcomusicnow -Jokes


Artist: Marco

Title: Jokes

Genre: Hip hop

Release Date: 18 June 2019

Format: MP3

UPC: n/a

Pricing: Free/Paid

File Under: Work In Progress

Label: Work In Progress

Distributor: Believe SAS

Publisher: Believe SAS


Song Overview

“Jokes” is a song about not putting up with dumb situations .it is about standing one’s ground and saying enough is enough …It’s very mellow but at the same time powerful, with potent emphasis on “Ain’t got no time for drama! I’d rather you be rude and honest than polite and fake” 


Similar Artists/Will Appeal to fans of

Kanye, 50 Cent, Drake, Takura, Nasty C, DJ Tamuka, H3nry, Mr Eazi, Kikki Badass 


Artist Overview

Marco is a Zimbabwean singer, rapper and songwriter. His is designed to be impactful and educating yet soulful and entertaining. The inspiration to his lyricism is drawn from his life experiences and surroundings. Music is an instrument and it should be used and like any other rapper, he started writing at a young age and has been perfecting his craft for the last ten plus years and now has recently started putting out music to be consumed and enjoyed by the masses. People who love melodies will definitely enjoy his music.