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Mawanda Malukhanye Faniso – Malukhaneverse EP2 (


Mawanda Malukhanye Faniso (Born March 5, 1992), better known by his stage name Maluk, is a South African Rapper, Record Producer & Entrepreneur. He officially started his music career in 2014, after years of honing his skills as a music producer, performer and writer. As an entrepreneur he is the co-founder of BlvckNative Studios as Well as  www.libertybwanali.com, he seeks to grow his skills in variety of fields that interests him.

Raised in Saldanha bay, Mawanda developed an interest in music after he got exposed to a recording studio at the home of a local friend and artist, in 2008. He also made it to the chopping block of the first season of Vuzu Hustle and went on to become business partners with Liberty Bwanali in 2015, and then later release their first collaborative project: What We Did, 2016. In 2017, he released his first Solo project entitled Malukhanyeverse EP and later on featured in Liberty Bwanali’s Genre Volume One. His latest single – Kanga’ka, that dropped in 5 March, 2018.

In addition to music, Mawanda has pursued other ventures in business and community development such as Tutoring, Facilitating & help establish food gardens across the West Coast. He also sets himself to co-run a clothing line along with other projects. He is also an advocate  for HiproAqua, an additive that can store water. Mawanda is also noted for his anti-establishment views, which he expresses both in his music and in interviews.

You can Listen to his Music here: https://www.libertybwanali.com/malukhanyemusic

Follow: IG:@i.art.malukhanye | STEEMIT: @malukhanye | FB: Mawanda M Art