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Meet @Bhutlegend & @Krock_yungin


dBhut’Legend & K-Rock are two Invest In The Kids young aspiring musicians that just released their first joint project called Cold Svmmer ,a long awaited EP due to their first single titled GWENS FREESTYLE , that gained them a lot of popularity on Audiomack since its release.Their sound is different with K-Rock coming with the pop rap sound and Legend coming with the wavy trap sound , mixing them together with the culture of maintaining rap bars, its the sound of new trap with rap bars ..

They call itTrapping with sense.With K-Rock’s pop rap sound you’ll find the beats viby for pop singers but the musicians come in and sing ridding the wave with the autotune , the songs become very wavy and always bringing the vibe.

Cold Svmmer is an extended playlist that has only three feature , Kingflow,Wesley Khalevra and Small(047)  with Kingflow on I want it all and on Everyday which includes Wesley Khalevra and Small(047) on Alright a song talking about excepting the good and the flaws of being an artist.

The most popular and loved song on the EP is GOONS , a song that is a squad anthem for every clique .. the song talks about trust and loyalty about a clique and how much they got each other’s backs…
With the love and support from the song , The two artists have decided to shoot a music video from the Potential Hit …. show love and support these young UpComing artists
Just To Upload Track $ Goons Or Make A Reaction .. The Song Is Wavy Bro .. For Just Lil Exposure