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Passionate Ft. Hype Too Original


Hype Too Original is a Durban, South Africa based Hip-Hop group consisting if three members which are, Fresh, Lucid & Jody. The group is very versatile as the music varies over time. All three members are still attending High School but still manage to build up a career in the music industry.

Although the group is more focused on the Hip-Hop scene, that doesn’t stop the experimenting and trying new sounds as the group also does R&B and a little Pop. If you love music as a whole then Hype Too Original is the group to follow.

Hype Too Original was established in late 2015 with only two members which were Fresh & Lucid but in early 2016 the rapper/vocalist(Jody) joined the group and became a part of the family. All three members felt drawn to music as they are all childhood friends and it was decided that pursuing a music career is what is best for their lives.

Thus far Hype Too Original has only released single bodies of work(0nly Singles) to build up a fan base. The group is entirely independent but all the singles released are recorded/produced at a local recording studio called Face Off Muzik Productions, which are “Chasing Paper, Dead Or Alive, After Party” and the main focus right now which is titled “Passionate” which is a R&B track. The group will soon start working on their debut EP that’s going to be titled “Out Of The Blue”.