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Prelude: The Story of Simba The Sinister Sun


My name is African Indigo(AI), A South African Rap artist who seeks to break all structure and convention.

1. Intro to Simba
2. Hell
3. Big Dreams
Chapter summary: We meet the kid, Simba, who is a cesspool of thoughts and emotions; Love, hate, existence, non-existence, Euphoria, and Depression. His mind forever racing, his world forever cindering any shred of hope he places on it. Yet despite his hostile environment, he knows in his heart of hearts it will be okay and finds solace in dreaming. His true art.

Chapter 2- Depression/Distractions
4. Ashes to Ashes(Distractions)
5. Cruising
6. Every Person(Sinister interlude)
Chapter summary: Time passes. His inner conflict has not dimmed, he has just developed more sophisticated ways of dealing with the noise. He does this by pouring himself into his distractive tools- Partying, Writing, and his favourite of all: other people. Recently he has noticed that he finds pieces of himself in other people, and this for him is enough reason to believe we are all ultimately different expressions of the same consciousness. This consciousness being what is commonly referred to as God. He then begins to ponder the current state of the environment he calls home. There’s one particular concept that keeps popping up in his head upon his reflections, Relative Deprivation. He soon realises that the feeling of inferiority is the root of the hatred that has consumed his nation, and him too.

Chapter 3- Introspection
7. Free your mind
8. My way
9. In your hands
Chapter summary: More time passes as he consciously watches this hatred and realises that it is just misinterpreted love, you see humans are social creatures. We search for connection and if we feel disconnected our perception becomes tainted, darker, and more aggressive. The answer then lies in Perception, and since everybody’s perceives differently depending on their experiences and beliefs; the true answer lies within us, our mind. God is in our hands. Simba then sets out to transform this confused energy back into its original form, the formlessness of love.
Chapter 4- Awakening
10. The Coronation
11. The Story of a Born-Free(Sun interlude)
12. High(Salutations)
Chapter summary: This love begins to transform him into someone else, into something else. Although his essence remains unchanged, it is the awareness of this essence that triggers the transformation. It is clear he is not Just Simba anymore, he no longer drowns in the noise, in fact it no longer sounds like noise; it sounds like destiny’s call. A call to unite a generation, a call to become the African Indigo.