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Rome The Black (Best New Comer 2017)


It has been quite a good year so far for the cape town based rapper (Rome The Black), since the release of his first single (So Mad) begining of february there has been more interest abroad than here at home, not too long ago there was hints about miss Latina Webb from the grammy award winning band (maxwell) being on a line up for the features on the upcoming project, since then things went way faster when the new york based publication (24\7hip-hop news) started posting his music, the site has a reach of 22million per month and 1,2milion followers on twitter, this has made the cape town born artist increasingly popular abroad in a space of less than three months, further more hip hop sites such as (RapmagTV) also joined in with support and showing love on social media.

Rome The Black first single is now officially being play listed at one of the Boston based radio stations (HOT97themix).

At this rate one would ask, could this be the recorgnition that SA hip hop has been seeking all these years i guess we will soon find out.

To get hold of Rome The Black first single please check the itunes link below or follow @rometheblack on twitter.