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@siddymitzvah – Tell The Truth (Album)


Tell The Truth album is the first studio album as an independent act by Siddy Mitzvah, a Mozambican Hip-Hop artist. It’s a Trapsoul album that took almost a year to be done and it relates a situation between two lovers who have different goals and objectives and principles, tho they love but, there’s no comprehension about single goals and dreams, they’re kinda always complaining about the behavior of each other, instead of finding a way of solving it. So it sounding like there’s no strong love between them.

To promote this album, Siddy Mitzvah released a song called “Your Life is Mine” back in August, and then released a CP – an acronymic for Compilation stylized by him, of 4 freestyles called “eXtra” back in September.

And in November, Siddy Mitzvah conceded an interview to a local entertainment blog “Moz Entretenimento”, where he gave further details about the releasing date off the album and explained the process of making it. On the same month he was invited by Amy J Mane II to a podcast on her blog “Her Life As Amy”, where they talked about the album giving more details about how he got the name of the album and the titles off the song, as explaining the meaning behind the album, track by track.

As for the intention off the album, Mitzvah said “with this project I want to tell everybody not to stop dreaming and not allowing anybody to tell them what they can and cannot do. That’s why you find myself in an inner peace and so free to talk about what I want to talk about, the way I want to talk about. I mean I’m not giving a dam to what people are going to say, I’m just feeling free, I’m exploring my capacities and showing everybody that I can do what my minds want me to do. My intention is to tell the people to be free and be honest, and most of all be humble guys, praise God every time”.

The album is available on his soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/siddymitzvah/sets/tell-the-truth