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Criminal Cartel is an upcoming hip hop album by SQ, SQ is a Hip Hop Artist coming out of Malamulele in South Africa, He was born at Mhinga raised at Maphophe streets. He then left Maphophe to Mphambo at the age of 13 (2012) where he met difficult challenges that made him strong not a Monster.SQ is an abbreviation of  Salathiel QUBE, Salathiel is his birth name QUBE is the box that he wanna put the story of his life during the time of his last breath.

SQ was born to Violet Mphuzi and Isaac Mavanyisi in 1999 April 29. SQ developed the skill of Rap in 2012 after he wrote some sonnets about his past Life of struggles, in 2013 he recorded his first single so-called To live and Die in SA he didn’t promote the single because of the poor quality of the audio and Mastering.

four years later (2017) SQ released an album so-called Death Gripz with distribution from Audiomack https://www.audiomack.com/album/death-gripz the album contained 5tracks:

1. Pop City

2. fake Ass

3. streets Love

4. young All time

5. To live & die in SA ( remix).

In 2015 SQ met up with Kingkobra35 and talked real deal with, they are now working together as a crew well-known as KingsOf900. On the 29 April 2019 SQ will be releasing an album so-called Criminal Cartel, the Album is based on criminal life and all the struggles and miseries that can be Expressed on that life by one.

the Album will start to circulate on  Online stores at 18H00, for updates of Album or details of  Album Tracklist  follow him at 1. facebook.com/lourx2 2. instagram.com/sathielqube 3. twitter.com/sathielq or subscribe on his channel youtube.com/sathielqube SQ is the quietful Boy in Africa his music is pretty touching