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The Rise Of The Roniics


The Roniics Is a hip hop duo made of rapper Kroniic and Ironiic both based in Pretoria mamelodi east n both aged 18.
In 2017 The Roniics formed a Crew a Crew Called 012Gobliins.The Crew was an art inspired group of teenagers striving for success,On The First of April they recorded their hit single 15shots in polokwane https://soundcloud.com/user-570644670/kroniic-n-ironiic-ft-tituswag
the song took the internet by storm and caught nveigh’s attention to retweet the song on the 3rd of April 2017they released yet another Hit single called Hungry Moves https://soundcloud.com/user-570644670/hungry-kroniic-n-ironiic
in 2018 They Received their first deal to a label Trap Gang Associations which paved them a way to be recognized by a label in Johannesburg Called Studio Scene Entertainment.In 2019 The 10th of May The Signed to the label and Won a music Video Competition on The 25th of May 2019 they Recorded The Video and On the 14th of June the video was released on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/kqoetN7OF4I.

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