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My name is Seru Pharoe, I also go by the pseudonym “Seru The Ellipsis”. My name is derived from the purpose of an ellipsis itself. An ellipsis can literally mean anything, it may serve as a place holder for another word, it may signify a pause of reflection but most importantly is signifies mystery. The unknown depth of what lies behind the   three dots and the anxious anticipation that follows simply encapsulates my artistry and sound. To put it in simple terms, I am not what you would expect.

I started writing and creating free flowed rhymes at the age of nine and since have nurtured and matured my art to a point where I can now infuse new elements into creating a level of art that the Hip Hop culture has never seen. I began recording and making music at the age of 15 and have done nothing but grow from that point. The introduction of poetry, script writing and novel writing has also aided me in terms of writing and fertilised my story telling capabilities which enhances the art and makes me better at what I do. On the 8th of April I released my first ever project titled ‘Night Of Ellipsis LP’ and it has honestly received nothing but positive feedback. i then after began making beats in order to learn and enhance my craft to a new level and many of these contributions are going towards the conceptualising of my second project.

What I aim to put across with my music is the image of overall excellence. The idea of self-growth to the point of happiness and self-content. I wish for people to not dwell in a situation and find comfort but be constantly working towards bettering themselves, this mostly applies to following their dreams. In my music I speak greatly of growing with my friends to a level where we achieve legend status and essentially “Live forever”. I want to have my stories told and music sung for many generations to come and to have inspired an empowered youth to have knowledge and overcome its situation of imperialism and colonisation. I want black youth to be more empowered that their oppressors and I wish to inspire them to stand up and chase their dreams on whatever platform and help each other achieve generational excellence. I want my ability to tell stories and paint pictures beneath eye lids to be what I am remembered by and to be put in the same sentences when they speak of the greatest to have lived in the culture.

I am still in a learning phase and will forever be in one because knowledge is an ocean that cannot be consumed in one lifetime. I want to continue what I am doing for as long as I possibly can so that continue to learn and better understand the dynamics of the world and continue to make it a better place for young people who wish to live through and replenish the culture. It is frightening being 19 years of age and being told you are an inspiration to your peers whilst you yourself do not know which direction you are headed in, this is particularly daunting when now you have a group of people following you on the way. This will not stop me nor will it shake me but will make me better at what it is that I do. I will lead the youth to an era of empowerment and create a country of enlightened young artists who will not be afraid to follow their dreams. Them laying their faith in me will not pressure me or grow my ego but it will humble me further to making sure I grow the youth and my peer group who work so tirelessly to helping me achieve this. With all of this being said…

Allow me to introduce myself…

‘Night Of Ellipsis LP’

Audiomack; https://www.audiomack.com/album/seru-the-ellipsis/night-of-ellipsis-lp-1

Soundcloud; https://soundcloud.com/seu-the-ellipsis

Email; serupharoe@gmail.com

Yours sincerely – S.T.E