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@thebeprincemon1 – Sadi Dikgaka


Botswana Celebrity who is a singer,actor,voice over and commercial model who is known as Young Prince”Sadi Dikgaka” hit maker,he named a song after one of the best tv presenter in bw

Flava Dome’s Sadi muse to Young Prince’s single

Upcoming artist, Young Prince has released a single titled Sadi Dikgaka. Young Prince’s love for the Flava Dome presenter has inspired him to write and sing a song about her beauty.

The young musician told the blogger  that Dikgaka’s hard work in order to achieve all her goals inspired him to write the song. Young Prince, born Thebe ‘Prince’ Rabogatsu, decided to use his middle name as part of his stage name.

“I was thinking of calling myself TP-ThebePrince and I was like ‘no man, since I’m Young and I’m 15-years-old, let me use my middle name’, then I ended up calling myself Young Prince,”  the now 20-year-old artist explained.

His song has been trending on Facebook, also on radio stations in Botswana and South Africa (Yarona FM, RB2, 5fm and Motsweding FM). Different people posted themselves singing the song, including renowned celebrities.

In his song, Young Prince talks of how he loves Sadi Dikgaka and feels she is fit to take as a bride.  The RnB song goes; ‘Sadi Dikgaka, Sadi Dikgaka o mosadi wa lenyalo. I love you’.  It is sung in Setswana, English and Zulu languages.  The beats and the vocals are well coordinated.

Young Prince said there was a time when he was depressed and wanted to die.  He said during that stressful time he logged onto Facebook where he came across a video of Dikgaka where she was giving a motivational speech.

In the video clip, she said she knew that the viewer was going through a rough time and urged them to never give up.  Since then, Dikgaka inspired the young artist. He started following her on social media and Flava Dome.  He also attended her events. That is how the Sadi Dikgaka song was born.

“Dikgaka inspires and motivates me.  I am looking up to her.  If it weren’t for her I would have long bgiven up. She gave me her blessing when I

asked her to give me permission to make a song about her.  She even supports me in any possible way she can.”

“Sadi Dikgaka track is the most played on RB2 and Yarona FM. When I released that song on September 30, 2016, I never thought it would go far or even be appreciated by big brands.  I recorded Sadi Dikgaka hit track at Hardgee Records in Mogoditshane. I was overwhelmed when I got nominated at the 2017BOMU music awards. I even performed my song there. I have long prayed for that to happen,” he said.

Young Prince was also featured in Celebrity World Magazine.  He said he wishes to one-day work with Berry Heart, Charma Gal, Bangu, Han C and Vee Mampeezy,Babes wodumo,Nadia nakai,Casper Nyovest,Sjava,Emtee,TdkMacasset,Busiswa. Apart from music the talented young man is an actor, Voice-over-Artist and a presenter.  He is currently working with one of the best stylists, Kabo Radikwata from BW Men.

“Rakwadiba is the guy behind Young Prince. He always ensures that I look good on shows and everywhere I go,” he said.

However, just like any other artist, the Sadi Dikgaka singer faces financial challenges.  He said financial problems are the biggest challenge for upcoming artists because sometimes they have to perform for free at some shows just to promote themselves.

“I have gone through a lot of challenges including financial problems and support, but I didn’t give up.  God blessed me and he answered my prayers,” he noted.

The young artists had an exclusive interview with DJ Tido on RB2.

He also did an interview with Gabz Fm,Rb1,Rb2

“I thanked everyone who has been there for me and supporting me.”

This includes his parents for always being there for him, his muse Sadi Dikgaka, for always supporting him, and his friends and his manager.