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This is Rick Fingers


Richard Darkoh (born on the 9th of May 1997) professionally know as Rick Fingers (also known as Fingers , Ricky , Rich or Richie) is a passionate record producer , composer ,beat maker , recording engineer , mixing engineer ,mastering engineer , recording artist ,songwriter and photographer from South Africa who started pursuing a career in music at age 16.

Rick started as a Dj playing gigs at small house parties and events which he then quickly got bored of due to him wanting to be behind the actual production of the tracks instead of just mixing them.

In 2014 after he found his way around music production he moved to Amalinda , Morning Side (East London) and is now the founder and owner of the record label “Type O Wreckords” which was founded in 2016 and includes team members Rick Fingers , Tyson Taii , Kidd Pusha , SubTeria and M Squared.

In the year 2017 @TheBlacksmithed featured Rick and his team in an article they wrote stating how they think Fingers’ production skills and work ethic are being quote on quote “slept on”. Rick managed to compose and produce over 60 tracks including hits like “Habits” by Kidd Pusha, “Up” and “Slime” by M Squared , “Son Of A Gun” by Kidd Pusha , “Fvck Up A Bag” and “Poke” by Tyson as well as a 24 beat beat tape titled “Hands” which is also available on various platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Deezer, Hype Magazine , Got Instrumentals, Google Play, Soundcloud and Audio Mack and was featured on @HypeBeast for their own promotional purposes in the last quarter of 2017 as well as the first quarter of 2018 to promote house hold names and brands such as Playstation, Marvel, Fortnite, 60th annual Grammy Awards, NBA, Nike, Off White, Puma to name a few.

Rick had a late start to 2018 and only dropped 17 tracks of which 12 are part of his record labels latest album “Know Your Mission” as well as a single by himself and Kidd Pusha titled “Californicate” which are both available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Genius Lyrics and many other platforms followed by STATUS produced by himself and SubTeria featuring M Squared and Kidd Pusha other tracks he released are Pink Slips, CVMPVS and “Rockstar” featuring YoungRichBlessed.
In the early days of 2019 Rick caught 3 major record label placements of which 2 of those placements were with YSL (Young Thug) artist BSlime on his latest mixtape titled “Underrated” , The other beat was used by Rich Forever artist Jay Critch aswell as We The Best Music artist Flipp Dinero on a track titled “Wanna Ball” which has a fair amount views on YouTube

Rick Fingers still has plenty of full body projects as well as singles well on the way , some productions include collaborations on the beats with record producers and beat makers SubTeria and Qwerty Hynna to name a few.