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Hello im a 16 year old rapper called Tjay who recently dropped his music video called All i do im from maseru lesotho which is located in the centre of south africa i directed and edited the video myself and this is actually my first song ever so this song is very special to me.

Im a unique person and the reason i say that is because im one of a few people who have ever finished high school at the age of 16 years old ive been working really hard academically ive even skipped a few grades but what i truly love is rapping and performing its just in my blood my parents luckily fully support my career and they also help me at times however just like every other artist i lack the proper marketing and promotional team to get me some where so that is my goal for now to find someone to help me promote myself and get more views with that being said i would like to thank you for reading this thank you!link below 🙂